Peace and Pandemonium

Friday, January 15, 2010


A Conditional Apology

After being sent to his room for bad behavior last night, I stumbled upon this lovely note today.
ETCHED into the dresser.

Translation with punctuation added for clarity:
Dear Dad, I will stop being rotten if you stop being bad. By Matias.

There are no words.

Oh, I am laughing. So funny. Makes me excited to have kids. ;)
So cute! It always cracks me up when my kids tell me I'm being mean or bad when I am reacting to their poor choices. So funny!
Wow, indeed there are no words.
Kiera, that's hilarious. And maddening. But mostly hilarious.
i'm so excited for this part of little boy-hood. p.s. i love you, lady! looking forward to a nice long chat again soon. i'm thinking, ditch our husbands and kids and meet halfway for dinner one night. thoughts?
priceless...I think it should stay there forever *wink*
I have to say this reminds me of my 8 year old Zander who carved a few Z's into my walls then claimed he didn't do it:)
that is so freaking cute!
oooo, funny, but so....
grrrr. Glad you caught it for posterity.
Priceless. I think this is so funny! You probably didn't at first :)
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