Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



If I could look at you through Steven's eyes this what you would see staring back at you.
Down to the wild bed head. ;)

His expression perfectly describes my week so far.

Between our power going out last night for 7+ hours (and me consequently missing The Bachelor).
Having to shovel our 'driveway from hell' this morning by myself, and then even worse still, remembering that Steven told me that he had broke our snow shovel the last time it snowed so I got to use our other 'less broken' shovel instead. It took me forever.
And then, to top if off, discovering that my car battery showed absolutely no signs of life when I went to take my kids to school this morning.
It's basically been one thing after another.

All this of course happening while Steven is out of town on business.

All I can keep thinking is...
Is it Friday yet??!

We need to hang out, girlfriend. How's Thursday lookin' for ya?
I feel ya, Kiera! My days are so full lately I couldn't even remember everything if I wanted to attempt a journal or blog!
Life is like that sometimes, but I'm sorry that it hit you so hard and all at once.

Hopefully tomorrow will be happier!
Um, that sucks real, real bad. I'd be OAP (One Angry Person).
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