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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm Sooo Excited to Share...

I dont know if anyone is out there still?

Hello??? hello hello hello hello...
Echo!! echo echo echo echo...

I haven't heard from many of you lately and I'm a little sad about it.
I know my blog is kinda boring lately.
Pictures pictures pictures, blurb blurb blurb. Thats it!
Shake it up Kiera!!!
I also know I haven't been a very good at commenting on your blogs lately.
For that I am sorry.
I am trying to do better.
I know how important (albeit totally superficial) comments are to bloggers.
So I will give, in an effort to receive. ;)

I realize I haven't been writing very much about my personal life on this, my "personal" blog.
At least it used to be.
I know I need to start a photo blog, strictly for clients. I'm working on that.
Maybe when I get all of that stuff worked out, I'll feel better about blabbing about myself and my family more often.

Until then,
I really want you to follow this link and check out these large format portraits of my family.
I am so thankful for my wonderfully talented friends who generously share their gifts with me.
These are exactly what I was hoping to get and sure enough my girl delivered!
There are more and when I have permission to, I hope to post them on my blog because I really want to show them all off.

I am thankful that you read my blog today. What do you think of those pictures???

hi! i'm here! you can use the same jpgs i've used so far, but the ones that need some touch-ups because of bigger dust/scratched negs, wait til they're pretty? love you so much and can't WAIT for tonight!
I'm here too, but don't know that I've ever commented. I love your stuff.
the pictures are very nice, and whatever, I always want to see your photos!
That last one of Matias is PERFECT. I love shots that show so much personality.

I miss you!
I really love the one of you with Sophia!!! How precious!!!

And I've tried to comment nearly all the time!!

Boring!! Whatever!! I love seeing this talent that you have, and I'm so studying different techniques, and lighting and such... so that someday I can become a creator like you are with the lense!!!
you know that I'm here! :-) i don't do a very good job of being a consistent commenter, but i'm always a consistent reader! your work is beautiful & so are you ... looking forward to seeing you oh-so-soon!
i am still here! just a little slow at getting around to all the blogs but you are definitely one that I will never forget! I LOVE these shots of you and your family! she captured you so beautifully! I still want you to take some shots of us one of these days! love you Kiera!
your family is so cute and sweet, i love those pics. i also love your blog and truly, your talent never ceases to amaze me. you are one of most consistently lovely photographers i know.
Your blog is never boring!! And it's obvious I am not a tit for tat blogger with the comments because I am always coming back to check in EVEN though I haven't heard from you in months and months :)
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