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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Halloween 2009

Another Halloween.
Another All Hallow's Eve spent scrambling to come up with suitable costumes for my kiddies.
I wish I were one of those moms who had their kids costumes planned out a month ahead of time but alas, I'm not.
This year Sophie chose to be a witch.
Matias wanted to be a vampire.
Isaiah was the trickiest of all by dressing up as a sorcerer.

And, in a crazy turn of events, I even dressed up this year. As Medusa in case you couldn't tell what that crazy stuff on my head is. Good times.

Great costumes! Sophie is the cutest little witch!
Dang cute costumes. And you weren't kidding around with yours. Love it.
i still maintain that you have the cutest kids on the planet... and you did fantastic on all their costumes!
You are such a cute family, love everyone's costumes. They are great!
these are really great photos!
Beautiful costumes for all of you. Doing my periodic check in and wanted to say hello!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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