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Friday, November 20, 2009


The Chappell Family

Allow me to muse for a moment.

One thing I love about my job is meeting new people and making lasting friendships!
It is always a treat to shoot people that I didn't know before.
Not to take anything away from shooting friends and family, but there is something extra satisfying about engaging in a photo shoot with people I am unfamiliar with.
One big reason is the trust that is involved.
Photography is a very intimate process.
I ask people to relax and be themselves in front of a stranger with a huge lens pointed in their face.
I ask my subject to allow me into their personal space and in turn, into their personal lives for a glimpse at who they are and who they love.
This requires a deep amount of trust in me as their photographer.
I'm grateful for the great ability of my clients to let go of their insecurities and the natural instincts they may have to shy away.
I always try to have my subject conjure up loving, cherished thoughts while I take their photo because it really allows their most unguarded and vulnerable essence to shine through.
While I'm not always privy to those thoughts, we both walk away feeling a sense of connection that we didn't have before.
This is what I love and why I find photography so rewarding.
The connections made and true essence captured.
When I am photographing people I don't have any previous connection with, I feel that I am truly able to be a curious observer and watch individual personalities shine through with an open mind and a ready camera.

The Chappell family proved to be one of my favorite family shoots of this season. They took me up to the 100+ acres of land they own in beautiful Alpine. As we were driving up, I was following behind in my car thinking to myself, "oh it's gorgeous over there, I hope we turn left." Then sure enough we would turn left. Further down the road I'm thinking, "Turn right turn right!" Sure enough, we turned right. BAsically they drove me exactly where I hoped they would and I was very pleased with the scenery we had to work with. In a nutshell, the boys were full of energy and spunk. The baby was happy and absolutely ADORABLE and cuddly, and mom and dad obviously LOVE each other. The makings for a perfect family shoot.

Thanks Chappell Family. I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

The spit bubbles add a nice touch don't you think? :)

It was a chilly evening and lil' baby Sam was in the car staying warm while I was shooting his mom and dad. Then the boys came over to get in on the photo taking action. All of the sudden I was capturing the warmest yummiest light of the evening.

I rushed to get Sam out of the car for a family pic that included everyone! I'm so glad I did. These family shots are my favorite of the day.

To see more images from this shoot, (and really why would you not want to?) click HERE.

Ok I will comment. I only stalk you!!!!! So I have these two lonely frogs here crying for a family. I can faintly hear, "haddock family" over and over again.
These Pictures made my heart skip a beat! Great job so good!!

ps. I still luv your blog! Keep up the good work!
beautiful shots of this family! I love your explanation on what you feel about taking strangers photos! I feel the same way, I am just not good at explaining how I feel!
I love this shoot! What you do with light is amazing. I am also truly jealous of the landscape. It reminds me of the Idaho I just left. Bravo Kiera!
Oh my goodness! Are all these shoots yours? What a beautiful job! That b&w photo of the baby is adorable.
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