Peace and Pandemonium

Friday, November 13, 2009


The Bingham Family

Yes, it's true, I could spend the time typing a really cute and cleaver anecdote about the Bingham family.

Maybe I could write about how each child cried for their dad to hold them and when they realized that he couldn't (and more importantly wouldn't) hold all of them at once, they each took their turn crying tears of sadness and protest. For example...

Or I could talk about the deer guts that we stumbled upon while exploring in the wild and how it was totally disgusting.

Or I could tell you the funny story about how baby Ben's feet litterally swung up behind him for no appartent reason and he went from standing happily to laying flat on his face in under .5 seconds. (Actually I'll just SHOW you those pictures)

Yeah I could write in detail about all of this but that would just postpone me from finally posting this blog after 2 full weeks. I don't think Alyson is going to care what I write at this point. I think she is just dying to see some pictures from the family session I had with her family on Halloween. Yes, thats right, October 31st! That tells you how far behind I am on editing. : ) So instead of doing all that, I'll just press post and get it over with already and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

One second...

The very next second.

oooh! that first black and white of the kids is breathtaking! The tones are beautiful and I love the contrast! The green sunflare of all of them together is GREAT too!
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