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Monday, October 5, 2009


JD and Michelle

When I agreed to hike for "20 minutes" to the location where this very secluded wedding was to take place, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. That being said, I had the most fun getting to, witnessing, and photographing this beautiful wedding. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to be there.

Michelle and JD backpacked their formal wear deep into a canyon where we literally hiked up a river to get to the ceremony location.

After hiking for more like 45 minutes (mainly because I'm slow and was terrified of slipping and falling on my bag of lenses) up stream, in the river for much of the time, we finally reached a beautiful waterfall.

I mistakingly thought that this was where the deed was to be done but NOOOOOO, instead we then scaled a wall, pulling ourselves up by the roots of trees to even higher ground. Once we arrived though, it was all worth it. The final destination was a beautiful platform made of stone, looking out over the canyon filled with trees and fall colors.

It was truly one of the most beautfiul places I've ever been. Perfect for a wedding if your brave enough. Thankfully, JD and Michelle are.

I'll let the rest of this story unfold through pictures...

And then they went to Aruba to scuba dive among other things. ; )

If you're dying to see more images and you want to buy a few for your very own click here.

Amazing! What material were their rings made from?
They are made of Rosewood. Cool huh?? crap. these are AMAZING! i looked at all the others on instaproofs too and they are all seriously unbelievable. i love the intimacy of the event- you captured it so well. these images just HIT you.
These images are incredible. I am so exited that I got to look through them early- ha! suckas!
Why are they beautiful? Because you are. You were entrusted to document their sacred small ceremony in a way that revives me Kiera.
These are amazing!
Okay- the image of her with sunlight and shadows on her back... the detail of the goosebumps on her skin. I'm seriously blown away.
What a perfect place for a wedding. The location was simply gorgeous, and the couple even more so. Awesome shots, though that's no surprise.
Stunning! Utterly and absolutely stunning.
That has got to be one of the most beautiful and unique weddings to have ever taken place, how fun that they let you be a part of it.
Your images are amazing!
Wow, that's incredible. She's darling and what a beautiful location. You're pretty much a fantastic photographer...
I love them! Amazing pictures.

Congrats you two!
i don't have words,
only tears.
because you totally captured the emotion and their relationship.

Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos. (Came here via Ashley T's blog)
you are way too good, not fair. :)
woah, that is the coolest marriage ever! and pretty nice pics too.
Magical and beautiful. Your work is incredible. How wonderful to be included in this special ceremony. So much love and light.
This is unbelievable!!!! All of it. They sound like super cool people to get married in a way that's really special to them. I love people who break the mold.
These photographs are incredible...! The way you captured details - just beautifully touching. All of it.

amazing, amazing... the best wedding photos I have I feel like having a weeding again and I''m not a mountain fan..

love it
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