Peace and Pandemonium

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love being a photographer.
I love the artistry of lens and light.
I love that even when I don't feel much like taking a photo, as soon as I get my camera in my hands all of those feelings melt away.
I love that as soon as the light hits my lens I completely lose myself and find myself all at once.
I love that time is no longer chronological when I'm taking photos.
In fact, it hardly exists at all.
I love that space.
I want to be there always because it feels good.

That being said, there are a lot of fears you have to face as a photographer.
Fear of creation.
What if I don't get any good shots? What if all of my pictures come out blurry?
Fear of not measuring up.
What if my client is disappointed? How come my pictures aren't as good as so and so's pictures?
Fear of success.
Fear of failure.
Fear of putting yourself out there.
Fear of rejection.
Ashley and I have been discussing this in some depth lately and she (in all of her eloquence) posted a blog about it. If you are a photographer, please read it and weigh in. And speaking of Ashley...

Thalman family photo's up next...

hi kiera! finally I am back with my blog. What you were talking about...failures...i guess a lot of us have that feeling. but i try to get rid of it. it's not worth it. everyone is unique. that counts also for your pictures. you make them your way. and if a client doesn't like it. too bad. this is your style! And I like your pictures a lot! Have a nice day! (i will read Ashley her blog)
Get out of my head!!!! You're freaking me out man!
What a perfect time to head up the canyon. Love the snow tops with the red and green trees.

I love your honesty.
took the words right out of my mouth... for me, the joy of creating comes with apprehension as well. Especially when a client is expecting something specific. I feel like I'm getting closer to finding my style, but that doesn't take away the nerves when I go on a shoot.

Interesting thoughts and well said.
you described many of our fears perfectly. I loved what Mia Micheals (the famous choreographer once said though).. she said something to the affect that the day she doesn't get butterflies is the day she will quit. To know someone soo famous and does amazing work still gets butterflies and has fears makes me feel better. It's still hard though. I think I'd put myself out there more if it wasn't for those fears.
(ok.. I have no idea who you are but I came to your blog b/c of something Alisha posted) I do'nt know if you have a shift/tilt lens or you doing the blurring in photoshop but it looks cool.
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