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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Wading in the Stream
Recession Sessions

Fall is my favorite time of year. Every autumn I come alive. I cant help but feel renewed and invigorated. This is the season of my own personal rebirth. Maybe it's because I am an October baby and it always feels like a festive time of year. I love the warm clothes, the jeans, boots, hoodies, scarves. Layer upon layer of warmth. I adore the change that our environment goes through. The colors that cover the mountains, the leaves that fall to the ground where they dry out and crunch under your feet when you step on them. The fresh coolness in the air instantly enhances my mood and I feel whole again. You hear that? I feel whole again!

Lately I have found myself thinking a lot. Thinking about

Creative Expression.

I have personally been going through lots of changes lately. I have felt a yearning to be closer to the things that matter. I find myself tossing away experiences that bring me anxiety, stress, and frustration and instead have been turning my focus to my blessings, my abundance and my joy. Taking on this perspective has allowed the joy of creating to enter into my realm again after what has felt like such a long time. This is a joy I want to share with all of you.

So I have this idea. Everyone wants to have their family photographed in the fall. Right? I mean, it's a gorgeous time of year! We all like giving an updated family photo with our christmas cards and its probably time to refresh the pictures displayed in frames around our homes.

Because I have kept myself out of the loop lately my poor blog has suffered. It's so sad!! I'm not, but my blog is, and I don't want to put that out there anymore!!! Instead I'd like to feature YOU!

I want to get out and work.
I want to post pictures of new faces and loving families.
I want to do work that will matter to people. Work that will matter to you.

Therefore, I am offering "Recession Sessions" during my favorite month. October!!

Here is the deal. For $100 you will get a one hour mini photoshoot, on the location of your choice. This can be any kind of session you would like. Your family, individual, couples, kids, engagements, bridals, anything you'd like. After our session I will edit your images and post them on an online gallery where you can view and purchase prints. At this point I will print all of your low resolution images (not suitable for printing) on a disk for posting on the web and for sending through emails. You will also have your choice of 2 high resolution images to have and keep for your very own. (This disc will include a signed print release.) Of course you will have an option to buy your high res images at a discount price as well. If that interests you be sure to ask about the details. I want to save you money but I also want to offer you quality pictures that you will appreciate for years to come. I hope you'll take me up on this.

So once again:
1 hour shooting time
online gallery
all low res images on a disk for emails and web purposes.
2 high res images of your choice along with a signed print release form.
Only available during the month of October.

DONT MISS OUT!! Book your photo shoot today because I only have so many available dates to shoot and I would hate to fill up before I hear from you.

Email me at

Did I just see a picture of you with super short hair?! Gorgeous. How is the new house? How is life? It's been a while and we are about to be 31!
I'm gonna post this on my blog, if you don't mind.

I'm kinda thinking spring is when I will want new pictures....
Hey girl. It's SO good to hear these words from you. Not the $100photo session but the rebirth and feeling whole. I just wrote my post for tomorrow and I touch upon that a tad. This season makes me feel alive too.

I wish we lived closer, I would definitely take you up on this wonderful offer. But I am so happy for you and that you're feeling good. I have been feeling the need to kick life up a notch myself and just focusing on the good too, so I am thrilled for you.
I can't wait to see the pictures you get. I just did our family photos last month and I really liked them, otherwise I'd consider it. Oh, and if I had more money....
Love your work!
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