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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Princess Sophie

My baby girl is turning four today!! She is pure delight and joy. I could go on an on about how much I adore her and love her with all of my heart.

and I will...soon.

Happy Birthday Sophie! We hope you have a great one.
Oh I cant believe she is 4. I told Mike today when he called, he was floored. I have a cute gift for her so i will be coming by sometime today to bring it to her.
Oh, my. She looks like she's 13 years old in the last picture. Watch out, boys.....

I hope Sophie has a spectacular birthday!
She's so so so cute. Is it weird that I want to copy a four-year-old's hair cut?
Happy Happy Birthday Sophia!!! We love you so much!!!
Love Aunt Angela and the crew!~
She is gorgeous! When do we get to see pictures of the new house? Sorry I haven't been in touch, #3 is giving me a run for my money and I sort of checked out of the social networking also.
she looks so old. I always wonder if she and Elora would like each other.
I LOVE her haircut! So happy to have a girl!
I'm so jealous of her hair, I want it for my own. She's such a gorgeous girl
Happy birthday gorgeous princess Sophie! we miss you!
hey, i was in provo for a wedding and was bummed to have missed you at church... you moved... well, congrats on the big move, that's great, but i was sad to not have seen you. I love your photos, gorgeous family and your haircut is beyond description... you own it. I think you are so beautiful inside and out and I always appreciate your gift of expression via your photos. Please stay in touch, I hope your new house becomes a "home" soon
hi old friend! A. as always, LOVE the capture these moments with the feelings & i don't know how you do that but it makes me want a million pictures taken by you! B. i just read your most recent did the move go? are you settling in finally? did you sell your house yet? good luck with that!!! C. i love that you want to post pics that make you happy & that are what you love rather than worrying about what others think...sometimes that is such a challenge but let me tell you not ever underestimate your talent in photography. you've got incredible talent that cannot be taught or's there. okay, i think that's all...hope you are doing well.:)
ps-love your hair!
tell miss sophie that i am sad to have missed her birthday but that i wish her a happy belated birthday (if she can understand that) and that i hope she had a wonderful day. She's so cute :) oh yeah... it's been 2 yrs since you guys got Max too. Happy Anniversary, Max!
Happy Belated to your little angel.
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