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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just Checking In

We moved at the beginning of August and ever since then I have not had access to the internet. (I'm posting this from Steven's office computer at his work.) I have missed being online and posting blogs and checking in on all of you but at the same time I have throughly enjoyed my hiatus. I have enjoyed it so much that I am not quite ready to plug back in. I'm not yet ready to fall victim to the constant need to check my email, then my facebook, then blog updates from all of you lovelies, then my email again just in case I recieved a message in the time it took me to check my facebook, and on and on. It's an addicting cycle that I get caught up in every time! I am a girl who can easily become a slave to the computer and I am just enjoying my freedom too much to start paying to lose that freedom. That being said, I will be posting some new pictures in a few days when I go to my moms house and hijack her internet. Sophia turns four on August 26 and I am excited to share pictures from the past month. We have been very very busy!! Until then, I have missed you all. I will be back eventually. I promise. :)

Oh yeah, If you want to get a hold of me, call me, because once again I'm not constantly checking and rechecking my email and facebook right now. :)

Oh I'm so glad someone feels the same way I do! I am pregnant and very sick and the computer is one of those things that drain my energy and makes me feel more sick (and keeps me from the things I really should be doing). So I avoid it like the plague lately. I'm loving the freedom too! Good luck to you!
I know exactly what you mean.
Good for you Kiera. I was becoming a slave not so long ago. The 1st step was to stop posting daily and that has made a difference for me. Enjoy your time even though you are back to blogging a bit.
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