Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Drag King and Queen

Isaiah came into my room the other day and said,
"Mom, Come and look! Matias and Sophia are being funny in a really weird way."

I immediately grabbed my camera.
Just look at what I saw...

They had completely swapped outfits. Down to the undies. It was hilarious!!!!

That is so hilarious! I love how the belt is still on and everything. Too cute.
Your back, your back!
That is so funny Kiera!! I love it. Luckily my children haven't realized something like that could be possible. The undies - has to be my favorite part.
That is too cute.
oh my gosh ! LOVE IT!
love the poses..and the underwear!
So freaking cute! I love those kids.
Ha! I used to do this w/ my little brother all the time. I hated that he got wear pants and I had to wear dresses. :)
How fun!!!!!!!! I love when kiddos act silly like that!

And they're gorgeous Kiera!!!!!!!!
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