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Monday, July 20, 2009


Treaty Oak

So as you may or may not recall, my family went to Florida last month. Believe it or not I took pictures while we were there. I'm finally getting around to posting them! Yay me.

One of my favorite things about Florida are the trees. The Cypress and the Oak are my two favorites and of course nothing can top the spanish moss that covers every branch. While we were staying in Jacksonville with our friends Kim and Jon, I noticed an awesome drawing of a tree hanging on her wall. I commented about it and Kim told me that the tree, called the Treaty Oak, was in downtown Jacksonville. I knew I had to see it in person.

We took the kids and made an afternoon of it and it was one of the highlights of my trip. Imagine that? A tree, the highlight of my trip? Well this is not an ordinary tree. It is exceptional.

We also met a very nice man named Larry under the tree. He is down on his luck and folds flowers made of palmetto leaves for money. He talked a lot about God and his blessings. I liked him a lot.

now that is incredible. i can totally see why a tree would have been one of the highlights of your trip. ;-D and that beautiful man... you captured him so well.

Looove all of these. So happy to see some pictures from your fabulous trip.
so freaking cool, why aren't there trees like this everywhere?
I want to live in one.
Wow that is amazing. I think that tree would have made my trip as well. The man folding the leaves was so sweet looking and his flowers he made were gorgeous. I am so glad you guys had a good trip.
Hey girl. WOW, I live in FL and I am still in awe of that tree and have never seen that. Just beautiful. Sorry we couldn't meet up while you were down here. I had just come back from our vacation :(

I'll be back to look at your other posts.
That man looks like he has a lifetime of stories and wisdom to share. Love the flower he made, and those trees ARE amazing.
that is the tree of all trees if I've ever seen it. One word: gorgeous.
florida again- what a treat! i am a long lost visitor to blog world- but inching my way back- (how come i feel like it's a competition sometimes- i know better- but that's how i feel...) good to see you guys looking happy and healthy!
I've always wanted to see one of those trees in person. Lucky!
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