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Monday, July 20, 2009


Manatee Springs

Another one of my favorite things about Florida are all of the natural springs. Last year we went to Fanning Springs and loved every minute of it. (Well except the part where Matias and I almost drown because I was stupid enough to jump off the diving deck while holding him not realizing that the added weight of both of our bodies going into the water would take us down into the water much deeper that I expected and it seemed like we were under the water forever. I was freaking out and he was terrified and I dont think either of us will ever be the same.) It's interesting to note that the springs are always 72 degrees, year round. This is quite cold. Especially at first, but so refreshing once you've gotten used to it.

This year we tried to go to Fanning Springs again but it was flooded and we were redirected about 25 minutes south to Manatee Springs. It was perfect. We had a picnic, swam, and snorkled. It was one of my favorite days in Florida.

I just got an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

the first one is amazing!
I love the dirty face and bum pics of Sophie!! Looks like such a fun place to go!! Thanks for sharing.
beautiful beautiful children
We have a springs nearby but I usually go kayaking. So cold is right!!!!
Love the dirty face and dirty butt pics of Sophie! Super cute!
love the dirty bum. Haha!
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