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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Lift Ride

To celebrate Isaiah's birthday we were going to have a western theme bbq complete with a ring toss, watermelon eating contest, smores, and bbq chicken. Because of the lack of proper planning (on my part) and the number of family members who were working or otherwise unable to attend, it fell through. Instead, we came up with a plan B that ended up being the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday evening. We went up to Sundance, took a ride on the scenic lift, then had dinner and dessert at the deli. Tavia came with us (which Isaiah was thrilled about) and we had an absolutely fantastic time!

I think we'll save the western bbq for Stevens birthday because I was looking forward to that watermelon eating contest! :)

Isaiah is very difficult to get pictures of. This was one of the very few I snagged of him cheesing it up with his Auntie Tay before we left for the mountains.

Isaiah and Tavia sat in the chair in front of us.

When the sun went behind the clouds, Sophia cuddled up with her daddy to keep warm. He's great for that!

My kids LOVE to make faces for the camera.

Steven took these last two pictures and I think he did such a great job! It's important for me to have pictures of me with my kids.

Looks like so much fun. I would have totally participated if I was in town on Sunday. Let me know when this watermelon eating contest is happening because I will SO be there for that.
Phil and I did this last october. We did the moonlight ride, it was very romantic and nice to get away from the baby for a bit and just talk.
Steven did a great job with those last two!! I especially love the last one!! How precious and sweet.
I love riding the the ski lift at Sundance. That is what I would want to do for my birthday if I lived up there. Happy Birthday Isiah!
Great shots. Looks like it was a memorable day.
hello vertigo! it looks like such a fun family night.

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