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Wednesday, July 8, 2009



One of my favorite things to do is to network with other photographers. Especially good photographers who can help me learn and grow as an artist. Holly is one of those people. She started following my blog a few months ago and when I did some research to find out who this new person was, I was impressed by the group of photographers that she followed. They are all the top photographers that I follow, and more. The fact that she even considered my lowly blog good enough to follow completely intrigued me. We started emailing each other and started a friendship that way. We would email each other new photographers links that we had recently discovered to help inspire one another. My bloglines list has grown so much just by knowing Holly.

Well, she came into town (from Colorado) to visit her family over the fourth and we arranged to get together. We decided to do a double photo shoot. I took pics of her and she took pics of me. We practiced our sun flare techniques, discussed life, motherhood, kids, family, photography, All the really important things, the things that matter. We topped the night off with a much needed Jamba Juice and I went home feeling truly fulfilled. I had made a great new friend and found joy in photography again. Not to mention, I was totally excited to edit her pictures. Its been a while since I've been excited to edit pictures so that says a lot. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites. Thanks Holly for the fabulous evening. I cant wait to do it again!

lovely photos....all of the flare adds such great warmth to them. =) not even sure how i happened onto your blog, but i'm glad i did!!
These are gorgeous friend!
these are so beautiful!
these are so yummy.
and i am SO happy to hear that you're excited to edit again. ;-D

Great pics of Holly. But, now I want to see what she took of you!

ME TOO!!!! :)
yay. I'm so glad your passion was sparked again. Fantastic photos.
Amazing! I'm with Allyson, glad I stumbled onto your blog!
Artsy, amazing, gorgeous. Why aren't you a photographer for Vogue (or mag of your choice) yet?? Sheesh, girl, you rock the lens, big time.

PS: On a weird side note, I think I have the same watch as Holly!
whats with all these people with almost the same name? Anyway, beautiful pics, looks like a fun time!
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