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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Andria + Christian

I got to spend an evening with Andria and Christian last week. Andria and I were in a photography workshop class last year with Sheye Rosemeyer called Evolve. It was an online class and we never met in person but with the help of Facebook and a couple of other random coincidences, we managed to become friends and schedule a portrait session.

It was an interesting evening filled with clouds that threatened rain, getting yelled at for sitting in the tall grass on a farm where we had permission to roam free, and then to top it off having the farmer roll over my tilt shift lens that sat innocently in the short grass. Yes, you read that right. My much loved and highly favored tilt shift was ran over by a John Deere tractor. Get this, it didn't break! It is truly a miracle. It was ground in the mud a little so it is currently in the shop being cleaned, but it will be back to its lovely self again in 10 days! Truly, a photography miracle.

I thought it would be nice to show pictures from the scene of the crime. Enjoy...

Wow, I cant believe the lens survived! I love the pics my two faves are both if them in the tall grass and the other is their faces next to each other. Great job!
I'm glad that your lense didn't break!! Those pictures are so cool!! I love them in the tall "bright green" grass back to back. You are so Creative!!
These are fantastic! You continue to impress me!
Love the tall grass picture and them just lounging in the short grass (second to last). Secretly, I was hoping for a picture of the lens ground in the mud with the tire tracks over the top. No serious damage is a miracle.
YEAH!!! I was just saying as I ate breakfast this morning that I wanted to see our pictures! :) I'm so glad your lens is okay (or will be soon). We love them. And the last one is AMAZING. I can't believe we let you get that close! :)
that is a photography miracle! a pretty eventful shoot. and oh so worth it! these are beautiful!
I love the one of them walking and that last one the most. And that's INCREDIBLE that your lens didn't break. Tender mercies, my friend....

Sorry about the other day. Mass miscommunication across the board.
Amazing that it survived! I know that broken down house well. Love it.
The last one is my favorite!
okay, of course i am DYING over all of your photos & the unique shoots you do! just LOVE them all so much! i'm so glad your lens survived!!!!! yeahhhh!!!
Your work makes my heart happy!
you're incredible, through and through.

seriously, we need to set up a time to shoot my family.

I love the last one best. Okay, so what day this week?
whoa, so scary about the lense! glad it survived! great photos!!
I like the pic where you're back to back and it's black and white. Great, artsy stuff!!!!
WTH, So awesome that your lens survived. What was up with getting yelled at? Sheesh.
I love how you did that second one! They all look great.
love it! I love that dark sky above...
PS: What kind of camera & lens do you use? curious...
as always, your photos are breathtaking. I love looking at them and could do it all day long. I can't wait till I'm rich and can pay you butt loads of money to photograph my family and make us look gorgeous.

Hope you are well, miss our chats....
lovely work! i stumbled across your blog from the pettiskirt blog... and i'm happy i did! would you mind sharing the post-processing trick on the image where you have them moving closer together? i've tried it before, but have yet to get it work quite right.... do you have to shoot on a tripod? i know it is with layering in photoshop, but i can't quite get it. i saw your "women photographers helping women photographers" button, so thought i'd ask!! =)
You live near such beautiful places for all your sessions.....
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