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Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh No You Di'int!!

Yes she did.

I can hardly believe it. I thought this only happened to other people's kids. I'm still in shock and am unsure as to how to go about fixing it. Any ideas? When I asked her WHY? She said between sobs, "I dont want long hair. I want short hair."

As much as I dont want to give it to her, she's going to get what she wants...

I'm going to go cry now.

This made me laugh so dang hard. Those pictures are CLASSIC! I'm so sorry, I know this isn't that funny... but it sort of is, and you can laugh at me when it happens here. I know it is only a matter of time before Mila does the same thing, she already tried to cut the dogs hair.
Oh no! All I can say is that at least she didn't cut it then blame it on a friend, which would prompt you to go get mad at said friend's parents . . . hmmm, maybe I'm revealing too much about my 4-year-old self here.
Oh no! Those lovely tresses! Good thing she's such a beauty. I'm sure you will come up with something just as perfect for her as her long hair was! :)
Wow, I laughed so hard. I too am sorry for laughing but it is funny. At least she did it herself and didn't talk one of her brothers to do it for her. I have 3 days off next week, can I come by?
It took me a second to see where the cut happened. I've seen MUCH worse. When I was a teenager. Babysitting a little girl. Who I thought was ASLEEP. She cut a HUGE chunk next to her ear.

I think it would be an easy fix. Like a bob/mushroom cut. (Don't hate me.) But it'll grow.

The pictures are so stinkin' adorable, though. So much personality!!
Great photos! Way to capture the mood(s).

At least she didn't go for the dreaded to-the-scalp chop. Actually, it looks like she got started on a pretty good job, all things considered.
Exactly how I felt when Tayleigh did it. I'm so sorry. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it short?
She did a pretty good job cutting it herself actually. Oh I would have just died. My heart was in my throat just looking at the pictures. Claire took to the scissors twice... no she didn't learn the first time after I almost beat her to death. I think you'll be surprised how cute she'll look with a little bob framing her sweet mug. Post photos please!
Oh my hell....
HOLY SMOKES. At least she is a darling girl. I'm sure she will look cute no matter what.
Oh my! She's cute no matter what. I just love the indignant look on her face in the last picture.
I'M DYING!! That last one is hilarious. It's a total femmullet!
oh no, poor girl! I cut my sister's hair about four times when she was that age. My mom was NOT happy. I cut my hair too, but no one seems to have done anything about it. Maybe it wasn't as much as she cut? Good luck, I'm sure she'll look cute with short even though its sad for you.
awww. it would break my heart a little bit too!! (i have three boys and even *they* have long hair!) but she's going to look so cute with her sassy bob!

these photos are gorgeous. love the colour bokeh and her expression in that last b/w shot!
I can remember a time when Katherine who was about that same age, had her hair cut, right after a stake conference and she literally had no bangs left and our family picture was scheduled for the next week....agghhh --- at least she still looks cute... but at least you weren't too upset to not get the pictures... you'll laugh at them later... I especially love the grumpy Sophie!!
I love reading a blog that makes me laugh out loud. The strange looks I get from my husband. But this was so sad and funny at the same time! I'm so sorry, I have convinced myself that Aliya would NEVER cut her pretty curls off but this gave me a little rude awakening. Maybe she'll look fabulous with short hair! She's beautiful even with that grumpy look on her face. You captured this moment so perfectly and some day when Sophie's daughter cuts her own hair you can frame this and give it to her as a gift. :o)
Love love love the pouting picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Angela Towers Haddock's mom, and I love checking your photography out on your blog. Today was a special treat, sad... but adorable at the same time. Sophia could really be in show biz...what personality she obviously has. By the way, I was able to obtain the jpeg of Evan for Angela, the one you asked for, I believe. Good luck with that choice little blessing!
Am I cursed since I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this?! Can't wait for the "fix". She is precious!
!Ay yai yai! Me meo!! ...But she truly is beautiful! I love the photos. Crossed eyes, fishy lips, B&W -gorgeous! The B&W makes me think "Status update: Bug off! Not having a good hairday" LOL
Oh my gosh, those pictures are priceless. The expression on her face is just to dang cute. I think every little girl does this. Her new bob is darling.
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