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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Girls in Kimonos

Remember these three beauties? Well they've grown up! A lot.

This time around they each dressed in their elegant and artistic kimonos. How fun for me!!!!

This image is my favorite from the day. I love how the flare makes her look so angelic, like she is wearing a halo.

Runner up for favorite of the day. A super close second.

Incidentally, these two gorgeous woman are the mother and the grandmother of these three sisters. Now we know why these girls are so incredibly beautiful. It's in the genes.

beautiful sun flare!! I love the one on the water
One word:

So great Kiera! I have to say, the last shot is my very favorite! It's amazing how one shot can capture a story of a lifetime together.
kiera! i'm almost positive this is you! remember me, carrie anne, from the juice crew SO MANY years ago? i was just looking at cjane's blog, then went to justin hackworth's blog & saw you on there...i was so sure it was you! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography! wow! way to go! how are you? i got in touch with melyna via facebook a while fun! i hope you are well...check my blog sometime & fill me in on what you are up to! we are in alpine for now.:)
My favorites so far are #5 (maiya sitting), #6 (mayumi sitting) and the "tree shot" with the umbrellas. I LOVE that one of Maiya though because it shows her cute smile and all the vibrant colors of the kimono. I love the effects on the other Mayumi picture too (black and white?). I'm excited to see all of them especially those boardwalk ones. I'm still upset about how their hair turned out. I worked for an hour and a half on Mayumi's hair and it didn't turn out, so I ended up just putting it up in a french twist. Arrgghh. Oh well - at least I had a great photographer that made up for my lack of ability with hair. Thanks again!!
I think my fave is the one on the bridge. The one walking by the pond is great, too.

And Anne Marie, I loved their hair!! But I'm sorry it didn't turn out how you wanted.

The pics are gorgeous, though. How awesome for you to be capturing so much heritage lately.

I know!! I feel so lucky to have such a diverse clientele. I hope to do more cultural, heritage pictures in the future...
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Where is your book? Is it a best seller yet? I'm in line already, girl friend! Serious!
NOTE: Did I already post this comment on another one of your posts? Probably. I have a terrible short term memory, but a passion for visual beauty, which your photography has in great abundance!!!! ;)
These are amazing! Such fun.
ooo, your two faves are mine as well. I also like the walking away on the bridge.
beautiful!! you captured them so perfectly!!
Beautiful pictures, Kiera.
Oh my, these are absolutely glorious! I love the parasol and the kimonos. Love your work. Happened upon your blog after seeing the fun photos you shot of Justin Hackworth.
Wow, it's been so long since I've seen these girls! They are so beautiful and your pictures are stunning. You always pick such perfect locations too!
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