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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A Girl in the Grass

So maybe I'm a nerd for posting pictures of myself on my blog but I just love these images.

Remember when Ashley and I went out for a photo shoot together? Well her battery died less than half way through our session and we were left with only one camera between the two of us. She quickly figured out how to use my Canon (she's a Nikon girl but we'll forgive her) and shot pictures of me with my camera.

I posted these pictures of myself not only because I think they are AWESOME, but because I really wanted to show you why I love Ashley's photography. It's is unexpected. Interesting. Open to interpretation, and always, always leaves you wanting more.

Yes, that is Ashley's blonde curly lock, flowing so beautifully through this picture. :)

All images are courtesy of Ashley Thalman Photography

I am in love.

With these pictures!

They are amazing.
Love these! They are great. And you are not a nerd for posting pictures of yourself. BTW--love the red shoes.
I think they're great! I love a photographer that will allow pictures taken of themselves. It allows you to be vulnerable like your subjects must feel most of the time. :)
I love her blonde lock in that pic. And the first one, and.....all of them. I guess I'm easy to please. :o)
these are fun picts. I like the out-of-focus ones, too. They are interesting and unique.
Ah, you're so right. Her images Do leave you wanting more.

What a great way to phrase it.

That first one is dreamy.
Those are pretty sweet. (As in cool, not 'sweet spirit'.)
Wow. These are stunning. And, the pictures of the girls are absolutely precious.
I love these. And I love that you post pictures of yourself on your blog. You should do it more often.
They're beautiful. Love the ease that exudes from your photos in the grass.
LOVE LOVE LOVE i wish i had another photographer to take some photos of me i desperatly want some for my site ;-) how lucky and beautiful are you ;-)
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