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Friday, May 22, 2009



My awesome friend Alisha and her sweet little baby boy came to visit me the other day from Salt Lake. Alisha is a photographer as well but in this world where everyone is a photographer, she is especially unique. She shoots film which is one thing, but even more than that, she also specializes in large format photography. How cool is that? Her work is geared toward personal projects (for the love) and commercial jobs (to pay the bills). She is currently working on a project entitled Matter where she is photographing all of the people who have impacted her life in a positive way. I love the idea of personal work and making photography about more than just pretty pictures. Alisha is doing that and doing it well. She inspires me to approach photography in a bigger way. To find a purpose to serve through the creation of my images and have it mean something when I'm done. I continue to work on that.

If you have any interest in commissioning some large format photographs of you and your loved ones, contact her! You will not regret having this kind of portrait taken. It is truly unique and special, just like my sweet friend here...

I love that last one. And her idea for that project is fabulous. i love you! these are amazing! and you said such nice things about me, my goodness! i am going to put one of them on my blog and link back here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these images! attending photocamp was the best ten bucks I ever spent because i met YOU!
Thats awesome that she does photog old school; I'm glad there are still people out there embracing that art form.
Great shots. Love the different camera angles. Sweet mama & son love.
Love, love, love them! Especially the third pic with the close up of the laughing etc...She has beautiful features like maybe a Roman statue would feature. Great lips!
wow! thank you all so much for the nice things! made me all warm and fuzzy!

Hey long time no chat. :) I couldn't agree with you more, doesn't she have the most luscious lips? Im jealous of those babies.
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