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Monday, May 18, 2009


The After Math

Is this disaster as fresh in your mind as it is in mine? Probably not, so here is your reminder.

Once we got to the haircutting salon, I got much of the same reaction from her except that this time she was crying because she finally realized what had to be done to fix the problem.

That single tear about broke my heart, but then I saw what was emerging and I couldnt help but smile. Her hair began to take on a new and unexpected shape and I started to get so happy!!

Then finally, after she had lost a good six inches of hair from her pretty little head, we ended up with...

This adorable A-line bob! I couldn't be more happy with the results. I don't think I ever would have gone for this style on her without her taking things into her own hands, but I absolutely LOVE this look on her.

She likes it too. :)

That did turn out very cute on her! I think I'd have to wait for Elora to cut her own hair first too, that would be so hard.
It's dang cute!
I LOVE IT! She looks so so so cute! I'm glad it turned out so well, the stylist did a good job. The picture of all the hair on the floor did make me a little sad but then I got to the end saw how beautiful she looked.
When my 4 year old (at the time 3) cut off 12 inches of her hair and cut herself bangs, I bawled like a baby. She just said I should tape it back on and then SHE cried when I told her that wouldn't work. The end result is adorable but as a mother who went through this just a year ago, I feel your pain!
(I found your blog because you took photos of Anne Marie, an old college roommate of mine and her darling girls - love your photos.)
She looks darling! She is so beautiful that she'd look good with no hair at all. It makes her eyes look bigger (if that's possible!) At least she cut something that will grow back. Really Kiera...It's so cute on her!
Love the super cute results. All of my kids have cut their hair or had it cut by siblings. I am hoping we can avoid that with my boy but not holding my breath.
I really love the one with that single tear! So sad, but so cute!
Way cute!! It kind of makes her look more "grown" up. Like not such the "baby" look anymore. But the "big girl" look. I love it.
I bet this is the cut she'll go back to again and again through life. You cannot beat a fabulous bob, and she's made for one.
she looks perfect!
so, so cute :)
(if you weren't so far away, i'd ask for the stylist's number!)
i love this do on her! but that last picture of her tear is the most prescious little face and expression I have ever seen! she is a doll!!
I think I want that hair cut too!
How cute!
She's just adorable, no matter what!
oh my goodness, this same thing happened to me and my litte pixie.

She's adorable.

and I love your photos (I just happened upon your blog:)
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