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Friday, April 3, 2009


My Obligation as a Human

Okay, so I know I just barely posted a potty conversation that I had with Sophia earlier this week. I'm going to post another one.

I don't have to deal with diapers anymore which is great and I'm not complaining but I'm still wiping bums so I'm not totally off the hook yet. So tonight is goes down like this,

Sophia yells at me from the bathroom while I'm working on my computer. "Mom, I need a wipe!"
"Ok hang on a minute." You should know, I hardly ever get up at first command.
Almost instantly her reply is, "No. Now!" You see, she knows this about me.
So I yell, "Ok, in a minute."
"No now!"
"In a minute."
"No now!"
"In a minute!" You get the idea. I was actually getting kind of annoyed by her attitude, especially considering the act she was demanding that I perform.
Then she yells the following.
"Humans are supposed to wipe their childs."

With a smile, I immediately put down my computer.

I am a human after all.

Comments: i completely laughed so hard. childs. SO HARD. I'm really glad we talked today. I'm looking forward to shooting soon!
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I love that it's what *humans* do, not *mommies.* Which is still funny, but seems like a more likely response from a child.

(I rarely get up at first call, too.)
So funny! She is darling!
That's exactly my life, does it ever end? I also don't jump the first time nature calls one of my little CHILDS. I feel like I will die wiping bums, wait... I probably will. I love the picture of Sophia so true to life. You are truley a seasoned Mom.
I love this photo!!!
At the exact moment I was reading this, my middle child was yelling at me from the bathroom, "Mom, I'm all done!!!"
I finished reading your beautiful post and am now contemplating how long I should make him wait. But I guess I am human and should go wipe my childs.
So cute!!!
Hah. She is gonna love you for this down the road.
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