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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Justin Hackworth

Yesterday my mom, my daughter and I went to see Justin Hackworth. This was such a FUN experience. It was great for me to be on the other side of the camera. Now I know what you all go through! I stressed for weeks about what we would wear, I was in a frantic rush to get to his studio on time, and once he was ready to take pictures I was SO NERVOUS. Sound familiar to anyone? In fact, he wanted me to close my eyes for a picture and then had to ask me if I could make them not shake. Yes, that's right, even my eye lids were shaking. The best part about the experience (besides the incredible images from our shoot) was meeting Justin. He is such a cool guy, a very talented photographer, and a fast friend.

And now for that surprise I mentioned. He let me turn the tables on him! Now see what happens when the messer becomes the messee.

FYI...This image was focused directly on the camera which made it possible for me to see that he was set at f1.4 1/250 for this picture. :) Incidentally, I was at 1.4 1/160. Just for reference. I love knowing these little details.

To see his incredible images of us, visit his blog.
While you're there, be sure to check out his latest 30 strangers project entitled Mothers and Daughters. It is fantastic.

Very nice! How exciting, looks like it was an amazing experience. I am glad you got to be on the other side of the camera for once. ;) Loves!
I wish I had thought to take a picture of him! Your pictures look great, though. Good job.
LOVE the foot shot especially!
The pictures are very nice (yours and his). Looks like you did a good job putting together your outfits. I was really hoping to see a full length one of yours, it looks fantastic.
Love the shots you took of Justin and love the shots he took of you.

I also dig your style of photography. you've got a great eye.
Leah and I see eye to eye on this: Love the foot shot.

And then this must be said--you are great. I think you are a great photographer and a joy to be around.

Please, please come again. I think we have more to say to each other. And thanks for taking some pictures of me. It's weird looking at pictures of myself, but curious, too. Of course it was great to meet you, and all in all, I'm glad you took some photographs, too. And like I said, the foot shot is wonderful.
Awesome that you got to do this.
seriously. we stopped in at his studio to meet him at about 5ish, when were you there? ;-D

i LOVE the shots he got of you gals. how does one family luck out with SO MUCH FREAKING BEAUTY?

I love that your comfortable photographing the photographer! Great shots!!! :)
Nice! It's fun to see this guy I've heard so much about . . . and fun looking at the photos of you three. All so gorgeous.
Just what I needed, thanks a lot.
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