Peace and Pandemonium

Monday, April 6, 2009



More experimenting with the tilt shift lens. I love it when the effect works! These were both shot at 24mm f4.5 1/400 ISO 100. I don't think a normal lens would produce such nice bokeh at f4.5. Unfortunately this lens is manual focus and it's very difficult for me to find a sharp focus. Especially when I'm shooting wiggly kids. Most of my pictures are turning out blurry. Hopefully with some time I will develop the skills needed to use manual focus acurately 100% of the time. A laser focusing screen would probably help too. :)

These kids are such characters. Oh how I love them.

I have a really hard time with manual focus too, especially with little ones :)
The last sentence in this post is the only one that I understood, but I like it anyway.
Oooh, I want to come try!
Thats one of the few things I'd want a more complicated camera (read, interchangeable lenses) for: being able to get bokeh.
It's all dutch to me, but I'm glad you're having fun. Hope you can do what you want to do soon.
these are such neat shots! what a fun lense to use! oh and I think its great that you tell us how and what you shot them with!! your amazing!!
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