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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When Her Heart Speaks, I Listen.

Sophia walks into my room this morning and says very soberly as she's closing the door behind her,
"Mom, guess what my heart is telling me?"
I immediately stop what I'm doing because I'm very curious to know what her sweet little heart says when it speaks to her.
I ask, "What is your heart telling you sweetheart?"
She replies, "It's telling me that I need to go pee and I'm going to wipe myself because I just need to go pee not poo."
While laughing I respond, "K well you'd better go then."

3 minutes later...

"Mom!!!! I need a wipe!"
"I thought you were going to wipe yourself?!"
"but I went poo!"

thats great! She and Elora should be friends.
Oh, this is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.
LOL!! How sweet and funny all wrapped into one!! At least she asks for help when she needs it.
I was expecting an extraordinarily sweet picture, or darling little thing she said, which makes this even funnier!!!!

And I love that life threw something at her "heart" wasn't exactly prepared for, and needed you to step in. Classic!!
OMG Kiera, that is hysterical. We're in that stage too like, ok, are you going pee or poo cuz if he's going poo I have to hear out for him screaming for me to come check his butt after he tries wiping himself. Oh, only with our children huh. If it was anyone else it would be nasty.
I love this. What a cutie. These are my favorite kind of moments.
so sweet and funny! I love the funny things kids say. I can't wait to not have to change stinky diapers or whipe poo bums... but I am a LONG way away from that day :o(

Great photos. how are you? I wish we were hanging out right now :o)
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