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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Self Infatuation

When there are no other models...

I always have myself. :)

And your shoes! Love them.
you are a gorgeous model!

and i think it's a really important exercise for a photographer to turn the lense on herself. ;-D
Love these!!! And I agree about the shoes!
Hey I totally love the last picture. That is so awesome!!
These are way cool, and I feel the same way, sometimes you yourself can be the best model. I've been inspired by myself lately.
I like these pictures because I can't figure out what is happening. There seem to be some mirrors and some lights, but I really can't tell what is up and what is down, or what's going on.
It helps that you're such a beautiful model yourself! (Very cool, btw)
I'm with a+m+a. It looks like you're laying on the floor, taking pictures with a mirror on the ceiling, but are there recessed lights? And then it gets all bendy......

If I had hot shoes like that, I'd photograph them, too. --We should get together some time. Call me.
I'm confused on where you took these pics, they look like a tile shower surround or something like it. Is that the Canon 1D you are using? I am very jealous :) Nice work!
It's actually the 5D with the battery grip. I've been VERY pleased with it so far. :)
these are awesome!!
You make a good model. These pictures are super stellar!
You definitely don't have to explain self infatuation photos to me! And dude...are you in the font?!
What is the font because I have no idea if I'm in it or not. :)
k...not sure if you're being sarcastic or not..did you do these when you were at the church for the wedding?
I was totally not being sarcastic. Are you talking about the baptismal font? Haha! Too funny. NO! I did not take these while doing the wedding shoot. I was WAY too busy! I shot these in an elevator on a totally different day. You make me laugh Tearese!!!
Haha..that's great. I really did think that was where it was...only place with tiles and a curved celeing fan I could think of. How funny.
I mean ceiling mirror, not fan. Yeah.
Plus there is no way I would have worn high heels to shoot a wedding!
You're so cute!!! And photogenic!!!!! And you always have some nice shoes going on!!!!!
Ha! I knew it was an elevator. Actually, my husband figured it out.
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