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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Mysterious Song

It's a fine day... I'm going about my business when all of the sudden, Isaiah, out of the blue and very loudly from the other room shouts,

"Mom! Mom, look what I did to my hands I broke them, you gave me a stone, gave me a chisel didn't say how to hold 'em."

I'm thinking? What?! Who gave you a stone? And a chisel? How do you even know what a chisel is? I immediately start booking it toward the sound of his voice in order to rescue him from this stone and chisel and to examine his damaged hand. Then, I hear him again,

"Mom! Mom, look what I did to my hands I broke them, you gave me a stone, gave me a chisel didn't say how to hold 'em."

At this point I let out a sigh of relief. He's doesn't have a broken hand and he's not playing with caveman tools. Phhhew, but the mystery was still there. I didn't approach him about it. Instead I just listened as he repeated this phrase over and over and over again. Hummmmmm??

Another day... I'm sitting at the computer and this paper with random picture is sitting on the desk next to me.

I dont know what to make of it. I can tell it was drawn by Greg, the kids uncle who babysat them the night before but I dont have a clue what it is about. My thought is that the kids wanted him to draw him pictures of random things and he happily obliged. With that explaination in my mind, I let it go.

A couple days later...Sophia is humming a catchy tune. I've never heard it before, and it sounds really pretty. Especially coming from her sweet little voice. I listen a little closer and this new song appears to have words. I cant really make them out because it's obvious that she doesnt completely know the song. Matias is wandering around humming the same little tune. It sounds something like this...

"The force of my love is strong. The sea lion lays down long." Here, have a listen.

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Greg is over at my house so I ask him if he knows what they are singing. He informs me that it's Sea Lion by Sage Francis.

I had never heard of the group and never heard of the song before my kids started singing it. It's a good thing they have a cool uncle like Greg who keeps us all updated on new music.

Turns out, I really like the song. :)

What do you think of it?

I like it. Your kids are so smart to remember the lyrics. Calvin has been asking about Matias and Mila has been asking about "Sophatias". I think that is supposed to represent both of them, kind of like "Brangelina".
rad. aren't kids awesome. I SO LOVED our late night chat last night.
OMG your kids are freaking adorable! I love how they all remembered lyrics, heaven knows I cant ever remember them. They are too cute. Did you get my voice mail I left you yesterday?
While I would love to take credit for being the "cool" Uncle who introduces your kids to "new" music, Tavia introduced me to Sage Francis and the song was released in '03. I'm flattered to be mentioned on your blog though, and I should resolve to visit it more often to remind myself of your amazing talent.
I had forgotten about that song! it's a great one!
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