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Friday, March 13, 2009


Kent + Kathryn Get Married

A couple of weeks ago I shot my first full wedding. It was a long day. I never realized how much work goes into shooting a wedding. It is a marathon! A full day of shooting also results in hundreds and hundreds of pictures. With so many to choose from, I had a hard time deciding what to post. The following are my favorites from the day. Congratulations K and K. I wish you all the best in your new life together!

The dress, the bride and the groom...

The waiting is the hardest part...even though it doesn't look like it. :)

Two from the ceremony...

The rings that bind...

A few of Mr. and Mrs. Barney...

The girls...

The boys...

I just LOVE this picture from the reception!

The first dance...without her shoes of course. :)

The following sequence is my favorite of the day. As the bride and groom enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife the music cut short and they had to finish a little earlier than expected. It was so funny and resulted in some very candid photos!

And after that joyful dip, they lived happily ever after.

I love them! You did a great job. One wedding I shot last summer, we did some pictures the afternoon before the wedding and then the wedding and reception the next day. I also had my sister second-shoot with me and we ended up with 1200 photos!!!!!! It was a bit overwhelming to go through that many. The lighting on your reception pictures is nice--hard to do in a church gym.
Such a great idea Gayle. I was wondering how in the world all the pictures get taken in one day! Oh my....the lighting!!! My biggest challenge of the day BY FAR! I did the best I could without a flash. SOooo hard to do in a church gym.

Thanks for saying that. :)
They all look great. I wish my wedding pictures looked half as good as these!! I am getting a camera soon for mine and Mike's trip maybe you can teach me a few of your secrets. ;) Ok....i know i said i would come down last weekend but I got too backed up with homework. I am SO sorry. :( Are you going to be home tomorrow? I would love to stop by and see you, I have seen you since i got back into town. Let me know.
I don't know how, but you managed to make those horrid accordian dividers look classy (in groom's prep shot.)

You did great. I love these. That first from the reception is so classic. Timeless for wedding receptions.
The one of her dress is absolutely beautiful! You did a great job, your feet must have hurt by the end of the day.
Kiera, yeah its tough but YOU PULLED IT OFF SO WELL. That church was TRANSFORMED! Everyone looked GREAT and you captured images that are incredible. CONGRATS!!
yes they did live happily ever after! thank you lovie, these turned out great! you should be so proud.

LOVE the natural light shots...the waiting, the groom doing his tie, and of course the back lit dress! I'm always a sucker for backlighting or light through sheer material. Great job!
fantastic job! i love that first close-up of the groom. it is so sharp. i also have to agree with you about the reception picture of the older folks. it is soooo classic!
congratulations on your first full wedding! that's quite the milestone.
Congratulations on your gig! The pics came out awesome. I love the lemon and lime with the rings. Did you do that for the pic or did they present them that way?
I borrowed their rings for that shot. I found the lemons and limes in the kitchen and set it up. :)
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