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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Wellman Family

I had the great pleasure of photographing the Wellman Family last weekend. They wanted to go to SLC to take the pictures and I was thrilled. For me, SLC is filled with untapped locations to photograph and I have had my eye on a few of these spots for a while. This photo shoot finally gave me a reason and a subject to use them with. Thank you Wellmans for such a fun afternoon. The weather was grand, the company was even better, and I am so pleased with the outcome.

and my favorite image of the day....

These are awesome, nice work!
I really like the one of the parents posed in all those places. AWESOME STUFF!!!!
You definitely caught their personalities, I checked out your flickr stuff also and I think it all looks great!
LOVE them. Like wendy said, that one you made of them in different places on the same fun. I'm glad you got to go somewhere new!
IS that thing really on the wall in that last photo? I also love the one before it, where you compiled all the couple shots. Very cool.

Yes, that "thing" on the wall is actually vines without their leaves. I just inverted the picture and rotated a few times to create the decorative look. :)
ohhhh secrets are being revealed!! :)
I really like the second picture of the parents in BW. I also really like the composite of the parents, too. Great pics!!
Kiera, we love them. You did such a good job. I love the one with me and Dave in front of that old building in different poses. These are going to look great on my walls. Not like the normal Mormon's in denim pictures. This is exactly what I wanted!!
from the Wellmans
Hey, they are as usual, awesome. Could you email me your pricing info and what not? I'm really trying to talk my mom into doing a big family picture. And I would love for you to do it!
these are SO GREAT! some of the best I've seen!!
Okay- yeah, I could see you must've done some mirroring or something to make it all symetrical, just wasn't sure if the original vine structure was actually there. Thanks!
Completely awesome!!!!!
LOVE THESE!!! It looks like you have gold mine in SLC for backgrounds!! I told your Mom once that I just wanted to come for a day and follow her around from start to finish (shooting - processing). Now I would need 2 days! 1 with her and 1 w/ you! I know that would not be enough!!! That's for sure.
oh i LOvE these!! they're all so creative. the color in the first one is my favorite! plus I am cracking up because we totally go to some of the same locations.

so I would seriously love to do a shoot with you. name the day and i'm there!!
LOVE THESE. Your fav is m fav too. So gorgeous!!!
These are amazing! I love the ones in front of the door! You do the coolest editing ever! nice job!
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