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Friday, February 20, 2009


Sophia's First Haircut!

When Sophia was 8 months old she had surgery on her head. Her scalp was shaved from ear to ear in a 2 inch wide strip . With the exception of this unfortunate head shearing, Sophia has never had a haircut! Her long, luscious, curly locks have been both a blessing and a curse. Her hair is obviously beautiful and striking but more often than not, it is literally a rats nest. The length and the curl plus the fact that its fine cause her to wake with dread locks every morning. She absolutely HATES it when I try to brush it out so I allow her to go 2 and 3 days between official brushing and let me tell you, that is bad, bad news!! This morning I spent 45 minutes carefully brushing out a dread lock that should never have been brushed out. It was a mess. That was the final straw. Sophia has been wanting a haircut for weeks now but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Today, I could.

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She is one beautiful girl. Such big eyes and long eyelashes. With three girls we go the rounds with hair brushing. Last year, I cut them all short except for my youngest daughter--she has the perfect long hair and she doesn't complain TOO much.
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She is so grown up now! Absolutely beautiful still, and I love that dimple in her chin. Looks like she sat pretty well for the haircut so it must not have been too traumatic for her, hope it wasn't for you. My mom cried when I decided to cut off all my long black hair.

Call me soon! and good luck with Kristin's photo shoot, her kids turn into real hams in front of the camera!
those bangs are adorable.
Fun, we just shaved Rossi's hair, in hopes that it will grow!
ADORABLE! She looks so much older now too! Your family is all blessed with awesome thick hair!!
She's beautiful!
She's just adorable!
Darling Kiera. She is so gorgeous!
beautiful haircut for your precious little Sophia~it's tough being a girl! I have girls and one was fairly ez hairwise but the other ... o my! baby fine with lots of static!
very cute! We cut Elora's bangs regularly, but the rest of her hair is almost to her waist now! My mom didn't let me get a real haircut till I was twelve,at which point I chopped the lot of it off. I think I might say the same to Elora...even though I hardly ever do her hair either.
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