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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Photo Camp

If you are interested in photography you would have to be crazy not to attend this. $10 bucks for the whole day! Even if you only learned one new thing it would be well worth your time and money! I'm going, I already bought my ticket. There are a limited number of seats so if you want to participate follow this link now and sign up! Let me know if you're planning on going so we can meet up.

so are you going to be a guest artist- cause you don't need any more skills- you are too good already!
I'm going - I need all the photo help I can get. :) It'll be fun to see you there!
I'm signed up...I'm especially interested in hearing about stock photography since I am on those sites all the time and seriously feel that I could provide better images. Also, I've been asked to find out what would be involved in organizing a photo shoot for my job so the speaker could end up being a great resource. Could you tell if we have to pick one track over the other? There are some classes I want on Track 1 and some on Track 2.
I think there are three classes to choose from on each track so you have to pick one and leave the other two. I dont know for sure.
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