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Friday, February 6, 2009


My Lil' Beauties

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You are such an artist, friend! (I think I've said that before. . . about a thousand times), but I can't help it! These are beautiful in every way.
your editing is so cool. you may have to let me in on some pointers. where do you get your textures? and do you just paint in the different colors?
Ooh....I love that one of Sophia.
You are amazing. Albeit you're kids are gorgeous beyond words so that makes it easier but really these are great pictures. The second picture, the one of Matias might be my all time favorite picture of him.
I meant to post on part 2. Not that I don't love this one as well.
thanks for the heads-up. i actually have no idea what an rss feed is. haha. i looked it up after reading your comment and apparently i'm computer illiterate because i can't figure out how to make an rss url. how did you get yours? any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!
the last is definitely my favorite.
hey, sorry about the weird question. it is A LOT easier than i thought. haha.
thanks again for letting me know. i'll be following your blog, now that i know it's an option to receive regular updates!
Wow. Just wow. Amazing.
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