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Friday, February 6, 2009


My Lil' Beauties Part Two

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What beautiful kids. I liked both parts one and two--Part one because they are very artistic and filled with textures and Part two because there is such beautiful light on their faces and in their eyes.
ditto to mom and camera. You do great work -- making cute kids and taking great pictures.

p.s. yesterday was so fun. Thanks for letting us come crash your day!
oh WOW!!!
They are beautiful but so are you photos!!!!!! LOVE your new profile pic!!!
beautiful, all of them
and what beauties they are! great photos!!!
You make gorgeous babies!! You should have like 6 more...Lol..The world could use more beauty.
i miss you too Kiera! i am sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I hope you are doing well. your kids are gorgeous. I am really bumme dhtat I can't have you take photos of my girls cause you take the best photos ever.
Happy V Day girl!!!
That's it- next time we are in town we must hire you and your skills- combined with your nice camera- would be well worth my money- i want shots of my kids like this- up close- with their eyes so peaceful- these are beautiful kiera
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