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Monday, February 23, 2009 Interview

Last April (yes we're talking April 2008) I did an interview with Jessica Steir, the brilliant mind behind the photography website known as (Jessica is also a guest speaker at Photo Camp Utah so if taking better pictures of your kids is your goal, be sure to check out her class!) This is a website that helps mothers and other aspiring photographers learn how to take better pictures. Specifically of kids but in general as well. We met at Borders and talked about photography for over an hour. It was so fun and Jessica asked me some really great questions. She brought her recorder to tape the conversation and then took the time to edit it into a 30 minute podcast. She posted this on her wedsite back in December and I meant to put this out there long ago but sometimes life (and I admit, nerves) get in the way.

I get a lot of emails from people who want to know general photography related questions. I'm more than happy to answer them but I thought that if I also gave you this link, you could listen to it if you have the interest and 30 minutes to spare. I dont know, maybe you'll learn something you didnt know before? I'm not making any promises though. :) Also, just remember, this intereview was taped nearly a year ago. I have learned A LOT since this time and not everything I say in this conversation is absolute truth. Please forgive my ignorance and just take from it whatever is helpful.

Click here to listen to our conversation. :) Enjoy!

A couple of updates...
1. You can get great group shots at fstop 5.6. You dont have to go as high at 8.0 unless you have tons of available light.
2. As far as camera angles go, shoot however you want. Dont limit yourself. I have captured some great images of adults, even though I was shooting from below eye level. :) The way I see it, rules are meant to be broken so please, break 'em!
3. This picture is referred to in the interview when we are talking about clothing and textures.

great interview!!! I learned so much from you!!!
Hahaha, thanks Kristina. :)
Good job Kiera, I really liked the part about the "fashion forward family". Kara will be pleased to know her sweater was so loved.

I have one class left and feel completely overwhelmed with information on photography so maybe I will have to pick your mind a little.
I thought you'd like that Emily. ;) I had forgotten that you were taking that class. We definitely need to talk, maybe you can teach me a thing or two.
Hey I called you today but I am sure you were super busy today with all your cute kids. Mike wants some pictures to hang in his room in Afghanistan. Do you have any that you would love to send him? I am sending him his box of pictures probably this weekend. Let me know.
I listened to the 1st part of your interview. So cool!!!! It was nice to hear your voice. I like the fact that you like wild backgrounds and you don't go for perfect!
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