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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Love Child

My youngest brother Christian is the epitome of a love child. He oozes affection, love, and sweetness. Therefore it makes perfect sense that he was born on the day of love...Valentine's day in case you needed that clairification. :) He flew into town over his birthday weekend to hang out with the family and gather his presents. I, of course, took the opportunity to capture his unique style and document it for posterity's sake. Don't you just love looking at pictures of yourself when YOU were 15??

We had such an amazing shoot together. The dreary, freezing cold winter decided to take the day off on Monday. The clouds parted, the snow stopped falling. The sun even came out and it was 50 degrees outside!! I was in pure heaven. Hey, it's been a long winter and my standards have dropped! We wandered around downtown Provo and found some interesting nooks and cranny's and when all was said and done it was one of the best days I've had this year! Sunshine, family, and photography. A perfect day!

And as if that wasn't enough, there are MORE! Click here to check them out.

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Nice work Kiera! He is so handsome, I am sure the girls go crazy for him.
Kiera, these are GREAT! Love the use of lines and unique composition ... great work!
I love these, they turned out awesome! Love the gorgeous blue sky
Perfectly cool shots for a 15 year old.I especially like that first one.
Honestly, my favorites of yours yet.
The second one looks like a magazine ad. I love it. The shadow, the clouds, you in the bathroom it all.
Love these photos! very cool, he will love them, especially when he is older!
Very nice! Happy Birthday to your bro!! My niece is a Valentine baby as well, and she is super sweet too!!
i love these kiera!!!!!!!! what a good looking family you have!! lets play soon.
Very great pictures! I just finished college to become a photographer. I already bought a new camera and can't wait to get started. You did inspire me and I certainly will check your blog more often!
Awesome Pics!
Hi Kiera,

Nice to leave a comment on my blog!

The camera I bought is the Canon 40D. I always had Canon. I like it a lot. The 40 D serie is the camera in between amateur and professional. There is already the 50D but just out. So that means it cost a lot more. And you better can invest in great lenses. I bought now the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM. Now I save money for the next one in range: 70-200. Then I have the whole range. Of course a macro one would be nice also. But must have wishes...

Maybe I am telling all kind of things you already know. Then just skip it..! What kind of camera do you have?

I have some shoulder pain at the moment so I did't had the chance to get to know the camera (I had the 400D). So I really hope this weekend I am feeling better to give it a shot!

Have a nice weekend! x
Oh Kiera. How are you? I miss you girl. Your brother is so handsome, he must have all the girls chasing after him. Your fam is so lucky to have all these great shots to hold onto.
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