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Monday, February 16, 2009


Kent + Kathryn

Kathryn is a friend of a friend and she and her fiance Kent are getting married on February 28! Guess who their wedding photographer is? Yep! I agreed to shoot it. Perhaps against my better judgment?? That is yet to be seen. ; ) This will be my first full wedding, including ceremony and reception. I'm a bit terrified but also excited for the challenge. It's an indoor wedding and I don't usually use a flash so it should be interesting to say the least. Watch for those pictures in the following weeks and keep your fingers crossed for me!!! I'm going to need it.

To hold you over until then, these are some images from their engagement session taken on a very snowy Valentines Day. It truly was a day for LOVE!!!

To view more images from this shoot click here


OHHHhhhhhh Snow pictures! How beautiful!!
really----so so pretty!
WOW!! A wedding!! That will be a fun challenge for you -- I'm sure you'll do excellent. These are of course perfect lovely pictures. Love the tire tracks, and the one of them holding hands with their reflections in the water -- I can see a heart made with the clouds.

You do such great work, Kiera.
I love all the reflection shots you've been doing lately. They keep turning out so FAB! I'm so excited for you to do their wedding. You are going to rock that thing!

Hey, have you heard about yet? Let me know if you are going to go and we can meet up at some point. I was asked to speak and I'm super excited about that! It should be a pretty fun day. If you can make it, I'm sure it'll be worth the $10!

Kiera! You never cease to amaze me! They're beautiful. I love the one of them holding hands with the reflection as well but my favorite is the last picture of them kissing, what a great shot! You have an eye for the perfect picture. You'll do great, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway!
You did such a great job! Well done!
Love the reflection one. Good luck woman!
Good luck with the wedding..scary! I love those last two, I hope they will like them all too.
I am postitive you will do an incredible job! Good luck!
these, i LOVE! awesome job! i adore the one of them blurry in the background with the texture of the building in focus. AMAAAZING!
that's so great that you're doing a wedding. i can't wait to see how they turn out! good luck!!
You probably don't remember me from school, but I came across your blog somehow and think you are an amazing photographer. I love how original all of your photos are. You are very talented. Your kids are darn cute to. Natalie
Love love love the last 3 especially. Congratulations on getting a gig. You should be so proud of yourself!!!!!! Good luck even though you will not need it.
wow. gorgeous! the ones by the yellow are genius. you will do great at the wedding- ceremonies aren't as bad as you always think they will be. =)
umm these have got to be some of the coolest pics i have ever seen- where were you when i was engaged? probably still in high school
umm these have got to be some of the coolest pics i have ever seen- where were you when i was engaged? probably still in high school
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