Peace and Pandemonium

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This Morning

The light was gorgeous! These are natural colors. Not photoshop colors.

At about 7:30 am.

Later on, around 8:30 am.


hello talented artist with a lens and light! your profile pic is so smoulderingly seductive! just how i like it!- ok- you know what i mean-
how early was this? gorgeous shots. I'm with marianne -- love the profile pic.

Yesterday was fun. I felt kinda blah all day so I don't think I was much fun, but it was good talking to you. We need to get the kids together more often.
I just posted the times...we were on the same wave length because I posted them before I read your comment. :)
how did you do those without a camera?? You ARE talented!!
I went on a shoot with my mom...those pics will posted soon...and I used her Nikon. :) Where is MY camera??!!
Beautiful! You're a total Canon traitor. I'm not sure if we can be friends.
that would be a shame indeed!!
kudos to you for being up that early, no matter how early my body gets up, my "nice" personality does not get up until 9:30. And the pics are incredible!
Well let me just tell you...IT WAS A PAIN! I didn't want to do it but when I saw the morning light it perked me right up. I wish I were more of a morning person because it has to be the most lovely time of day!
I have been telling my husband that I don't think I will ever get a good sunrise picture because (right now) my body just doesn't rise that early. It might be that I have a baby and I am "old." However, this morning we were up and out a little early 9:00 and we saw that beautiful frost on all the trees. I may have to venture out. You have me tempted!!
So, so pretty! I love the texture of all that thick frost on the second one. Brrrr! Go back to bed! :)
Man can I get the top one framed please!!! So Beautiful. I too am not a morning person. But maybe I ought to be.
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