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Friday, January 16, 2009



Since I had my ISO cranked for these pictures (3200) and because they never had much hope of turning into a "perfect" picture anyway, I decided to play. Bring on the grain.

This little princess is my 3 year old baby. She's growing up so fast, right before my eyes even. It's amazing to watch. Sophia loves having tea parties with her dolls, putting on make-up, dressing up like a princess, and playing polly pockets. She loves playing with Matias, even if it means pretending to be Darth Vader for a while. She is an absolute dream!

Later, in the bath tub she played with dinos and dreamed of being a mermaid...

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oooh, love these. the grain makes them I think! very artistic, as usual. the texture on the last one is rad!
Sophia is such a sweetheart. I love her vivid imagination, she is so adorable. I need to come down this week and visit. I love the graininess of the pictures. Well done!
I like #1 and #4 best.

It might help if you numbered your images. Would be easier to provide feedback.

I agree with Jessica - the grain makes them along with her expressions.
I love the last one, too. Looks like a little cherub floating in the sky.
Those are so cool! Grain looks good if it looks like its on purpose! I wish I had some nice ones of Elora like that.
My oh my! Little Sophia is so stinking beautiful, and I absolutely love the graininess on these shots!

p.s. when are we hitting the slopes?
I love the third one...
and these make me want to play with the iso.
:) like I need any encouragement.
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