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Thursday, January 15, 2009



Last week I shipped my camera to Canon for cleaning and calibrating. I hate being without it. To keep myself occupied in the mean time I went back through my archives and found some pictures that had been left untouched for 2 months. These were taken in November, in my poorly lit stairwell at ISO 3200 with my 50mm 1.8. (In case you were wondering.)

Matias is my lively 4 year old. This child keeps me on my toes. He loves preschool, playing pretend games with his little sister, candy and coke (I know, terrible!) and any and all video games, especially Star Wars. He is a challenge and a blessing. A wild child and a cuddle bug. Yin and Yang. Dark and Light. You get the idea. Matias is an extra special little boy who reminds me a lot of....well me!

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I like the glimmer in the eye and the smile in #2. And whether you think so or not, I do believe your stuff is something to aspire to ;)
He reminds me a lot of you too, in so many ways. I just signed up for a beginners photography class! I figure I paid for all the settings on my camera I should probably learn to use them. I'll never have your eye but maybe you could give me some pointers.
I've never noticed that cute freckle on the side of his nose before. He's such a fun kid.

Did you get my texts? I am without a car today. Levi forgot that I had made plans. Call me and we'll figure something out.
He is so cute! Sure wish the cousins lived closer to eachother!! They love seeing the kids on your blog!
His eyes are HUGE and very adorable.
Nice to meet you, Kiera. Thanks for stopping by Remarks from Sparks. I'm happy to have you any time! I agree that it can be tough to find those times and places to let loose. I just wish we'd make more of them of our own volition, ya know?

Oh, and I too am a Photobucket fan. I'm not a photographer, of course, but for what I do, their services are quite nice.
Matias is such a "superhero". He is always looking for adventure. I love that you were able to get him to hold still and capture the essence of him. He is such a cute little boy that is growing up too fast. :)
I LOVE his hair and smile.
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