Peace and Pandemonium

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I must have been GOOOOOD this year...

...because I made out like a bandit!!

Isaiah knows me so well! I just LOVE Barack!

Santa, is that a 50 mm 1.4? OH MY!!!

Steven, you will always be my Bond and I will always be your Vesper. (minus the betrayal and tragic ending) :)

I am in 40's style heaven while wearing these babies! Oh Sophie how did you know?

Matias your taste is superb! Seriously!

What did you get for Christmas this year?

LOVE those shoes. glad you see you guys had a good christmas!
Those boots look heavenly. I wish I were more of a boot person, but I'm not. It might have something to do with growing up in the HOT DESERT!!! I wonder.....

Glad to see you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
totaly LOVIN' the heels, the boots & the gorgeous necklace too! If only we were sisters...*sigh*

you can keep the Obama book though *L*
At first when I saw this I thought it was a year in review thing (probably because I've read like 18,000 of them on blogs today) and I thought you meant you must have been good because Mr. Obama's the president. Then I kept reading =D

I'm glad you got such great stuff! Sophie does have exquisite taste. Love the pics of your kids -- especially that one of matias when he's realized what the toy is as he's still tearing off the paper. I tried to get a few of Isaac like that, but they (of course) didn't turn out so well.
I am cracking up right now- apparently we're twins. I got the same shoes (but in red), similar brown boots, and the 50 mm 1.4. haha!

I got your comment on clarity- I do a couple of really easy things that have helped me a lot with getting the details to be a little extra crisp. E-mail me and I'll fill you in. =)
oh you lucky girl! I am envying that lense!
I didn't get any awesome boots, but I did get a Dyson. Best gift ever!
I also got some very beautiful shoes and as coincidence would have it they look almost exactly like yours! We should get together soon, my tummy is really getting big and ready to be photographed, do you have time?
You were really good!!!! Very cool stuff!!!
the shoes Kiera! THE SHOES! if I find them.. I'm buying them...sorry my friend!heheh!
Time to get together.. give me a call..
You got some nice stuff! I got the Dr.Who Encyclopedia: A complete guide to time and space. Also got a sewing machine (which I haven't used since 8th grade home-ec, but I'm excited to re-learn),and a hair straightener. Nothing too exciting, but all stuff I asked for.
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