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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Her Eyes, Mouth, and Dimple How Merry!

Every night before the kids go to bed Steven reads us The Night Before Christmas in a different accent. He reads it this way much to Isaiah's dismay although I think he's beginning to think it's funny. I think it's hilarious and it makes the same story each night seem new. The reason I tell you this is because the lines of this poem have been in my head so much. Happily, they started to take on new meaning when I applied them to these pictures of Sophia...

Her dimple how merry!

Her cheeks are like roses!

Her eyes how they twinkle!

Her droll little mouth is drawn up like a bow!

I laughed when I saw her in spite of myself!

Has anyone ever possessed such a beautiful pair of lips? I doubt it. I don't know how you can resist photographing them all the time!
Did you ever get a pic of her in the fuschia lipstick?! I loved that. Now you just need a pic of her with a red little nose, from playing out in the cold.

How the heck are you? Going crazy? We should find a day to get our families together. Do you have plans the saturday after chrismas?
She's definitely a doll!! I just love her little chin!! Gorgeous pictures.
she is Be-utiful! and such a sweetie!!
Those are BEAUTIFUL photos! She's a doll. Just perfect.
She is gorgeous! I love these!!
I know I sound like a broken record but these are beautiful. And that's too cool about reading in different accents. I do that with Tristan and it's just so much fun! I got me a southern drawl and everything some nights.
she is SOOO beautiful. and these are stunning pictures! I was showing off your blog to one of my friends and she was dying over these too. =) Your christmas looked so fun- I totally know what you mean about not getting it all together this year- there was just NOT enough time to get it all done between Thanksgiving and CHristmas!
Those turned out so nice. My daughter's eyes are the same color as your daughter's, but I never can seem to capture them: they always look brown in my pictures.
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