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Wednesday, December 3, 2008



These were the images I submitted for my week 4 assignment in the Eye Candy workshop. The workshop is over now so I am much less consumed with side projects. However, working on my own projects was a lot of fun and I plan to continue seeking out what moves me. The final project for the workshop was "Personal Projects". I have yet to submit anything. I feel like this concept will take me longer than one week to produce but I am very excited to continue working on this over the next couple of months. I do have a few ideas, some that I've had for a long time. It's about time I put them into action.

These images are of my mom. For this series she let me write all over her body with markers. Thanks to her brilliant mind, I think we came up with some very appropriate words that really get to the core of who she is and what she believes.

And now, the intriguing and stunning...Claire.

On her hands it reads:
I have only passed through you quickly like light and you have only surrounded me suddenly like flame.


There are no words.

For the ones she was covered in.
The lighting style goes well with your idea. Does the marker wash off? They look like social commentary shots that would be in a political magazine or something. I like it.
Hey I found your blog! Hope you don't mind! Wow, your mom is inspirational and gorgeous! And who knew you were such a talented photog!!
my favorites of yours for sure
beautiful mother
beautiful words
perfectly shot!
I love these - especially the "women who behave. . ." one.
WOW. WOW. Kiera. Did I say WOW. So cool. So pointful. Your Mom is gorgeous. Please please come here soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay...i'm coming out of the shadows to tell you that you used my favorite quote EVER! the well behaved women one!

great pictures, your mom is beautiful!
I love these as well. I have come back twice now to look. Very well done
Hi Kiera, I found your blog via wonder woman (who i don't know, but she left a comment for me) and I am so blown away by your photography. It feels a little like everyones work is starting to look the same a bit and yours is SO refreshing and really moved me. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking through your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your incredible talent!


oh, and btw I know Leah, and Ashley Thalman is a good friend of my friend Celeste. Small world huh?
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