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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Twilight Night

I'll describe how I feel about Twilight in three words and I'll even throw in a little alliteration for all you fancy folk.


and now for some footage. : )

The forbidden bowl of soup...this was Lorena's idea. Isn't she a genius?

Michelle was dreaming about Edward. Oh who am I kidding? We all were. It's hard not to. He's DREAMY!

I couldn't help but capture the irony! "How long have you been 17?" "A long time."

Sweet seats for the flick. Hurray for advanced tickets!

We had such a blast!! The Forks High baseball shirts were handmade by the lovely Lorena and Carol. Apparently I didn't place my order in time and therefore didn't get one. :( They say Cullen 17 on the back.

Michelle, Carol, Stephanie, Kathy, Meagan, Ashely, Lorena, and me.

It was sooo much fun to have you girls there!! The pics are AWESOME! I love the Forbidden bowl of Soup! and you are correct.. I'm a Genius!
Love ya and see you again in December of 2009 ( New Moon release date!)just kidding! we do have a date febore that...did you say " Quidditch"?
When I posted about Twilight I looked for a pic of Rob but couldn't find one that did him justice.

Yours does. Oh my.

Sounds like a fun night! And I love your pics - that soup one is awesome!
I'm glad you liked the movie! It looks like you had a blast.
How fun to have a girls night out, I love your took your camera into the theater? ha!
My sister also just wrote about this movie and book on her blog. (you know, the other Kiera.)
I still need to watch it!!! Maybe this weekend or something. I really need to GO!!! Sounds like it was way FUN. Glad you got to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT.
You sure look like you had a blast. I don't know the last time I was out with that many women. How nice!!!!! And that bowl picture is awesome, it took me a sec though. Haha. Edward isn't my type but you did capture a great picture of him. You probably took it yourself, you know him don't you :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
i am behind on the twilight stuff- all my dancers who are 14 love it- and i guess older girls can get into to (?)

obviously i guess!

ya that is cedric from harry potter, right? he is steamy- am i allowed to think that? is he like 19 or something?
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