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Saturday, November 15, 2008



I seriously cant remember the last time I was this excited to go to the movies.

Does he really have to be this hot? Honestly!

And as if it couldn't get any better, this is what I have to look forward to next weekend...

The best part?? I have this to look forward to EVERY SINGLE DAY!

How lucky am I??

You have NO idea how much I adore Bond. Not just the Daniel Craig Bond but the classics with Roger Moore and Sean Connery. I remember watching Bond with my dad when I was just a little girl. And then as if I wasn't in love with your blog enough then you show me Twilight pictures I have never seen before. Tonight is going to be a glorious night I hope you enjoy Bond tonight…I know I will. And then week we can chat again about Twilight too. Goodness I love good movies, can you tell? Have fun! Love ya!
You are the cutest. I love your blog posts.
I'm not sure that Edward should be out in the sun for too long, he can kill people with his beautiful marble skin that sparkles like diamonds. ;)
Ah, yes! Tyler and I caught the Thursday night midnight showing of Bond. He said he didn't like it as much as most Bond movies. I couldn't really respond intelligently after spending over two hours with Daniel Craig! What could he possibly have not liked? I was in heaven. (Did you read the Elle interview with him, btw?)
the most blessed you can be of course!
SO lucky!!!! I heard some DJs talking the other day, and the guys were saying they didn't think Daniel Craig was very good looking. The girl DJ was like, "What?! He is so hot!!" They took a bunch of calls and the guys tended to think he wasn't all that, but the girls were ALL OVER how hot he was.

Did you enjoy it? I heard it was really good!

And TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say about that. =D

love the pics, Kiera. They're all so great!
Are you going to twilight with anyone? I have a babysitter on saturday for a matinee if you want to go then. I was just going to go alone but that's so boring, we should go together!!
Lucky! We have free tickets to a movie and I'm trying to decide between these 2 - James Bond or Edward? :) Maybe I'll have to shell out the money and see both.
Hey, we went to the movies Saturday too...but we saw Eagle Eye. How was your show?
I loved this movie! Absolutely and completely LOVED IT!! Highly, highly recommended. Go see it ASAP!
HOT HOT HOT. I think I actually salivate when I see Daniel Craig on screen. Those Twilight pics are awesome!!!!! I bought tickets for the Friday showing. Cannot wait!!!!!

And I loved the excerpt of the book you showed and how you have that everyday. So sweet!!!!!
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