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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sunflare Love

Week three homework assignment for my Eye Candy workshop was "sunflare love - capturing joy". I love sunflare and have been wanting to learn how to incorporate it creatively in my pictures. I learned a lot this week but I also learned that I have SOOOOOO much more to learn. This technique can be kind of tricky and I need practice. These are the images I submitted to the forum. The first series was shot in the morning. The second series was shot in the afternoon. The afternoon shots required a lot more post processing. Maybe when I get better at it that I wont have to compensate so much after the fact. Better images in the camera, that is the key, and that is what I am constantly working for.

So cute! I love the sunflare look. I cleaned out my basement over the weekend and found five more great old hats that you are welcome to use. I also have a daughter who loves to have her picture taken that you are welcome to as well.

My baby bump is starting to make a more prominent appearance, any interest in taking a few maternity shots?
Um YES!!! Lets do it this week. I have another assignment. Call me!
Hi Kiera!!!! I love this sun thing going on. Wow, there is so much I don't know. But that's ok, I like learning when I come here. Beautiful!!!!
WOW!!!!! I love these photos. Also I'm totally in shock that I've lived in Springville for over a year and eaten at The Trolley numerous times and have never noticed that green phone booth. I'm seriously disappointed with myself! :) I am absolutely going to steal your idea and try to get some picture of my boys here. It looks awesome with the balloons and everything.

these are so fun!
Oh, I love these! The shots at the trolley are so cute!
I'm glad you were finally able to do the balloon thing! And I must say my fave shot is of Sophie tipping her hat with the sunflare just between her hand and face. You got it perfect there!!!
these are so great!

Those are absolutely amazing pictures- you have such a wonderful talent!!
I love the whole idea of the first ones, but I especially like the flare by your daughter's hand in the later ones.
love them kiera, i'm so excited to see more.
You have an amazing eye and a way of capturing emotion that leaves me baffled! Beautiful, as usual!
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