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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Idaho Landscapes

I have been drawn to the land lately and have felt the desire to explore landscape photography. Go figure!? My experience in this genre of photography is very limited (pretty obvious in these pictures) but I have learned that it is possible to capture emotion in landscapes. I need a lot of practice but I do like these pictures....they feel like Thanksgiving in Idaho to me.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. We just had the best one!! We spent almost 5 days in Boise visiting my dad. It was so nice to have five days to hang out with family, relax, eat delicious food at every meal, and make lasting memories. My kids had the time of their lives. They each brought home a small stash of "stuff they got in Idaho" basically random odds and ends that they gathered from around the house and then asked if they could keep. They are each thrilled with their new "toys". It was a great way to kick off the holiday season that in truth, I haven't been looking forward to. Thanks to this weekend, I'm feeling more excited about the upcoming month.

oOoOoH! i LOVE the cat tail picture! i have a similar one i've taken (and i'm VERY amateur...) at home, but we don't have cat tails in kansas, so it's the cliche wheat. :)
When I first started taking pictures, I wanted to do "landscapes". I soon found its much harder than you would think! I gained a lot of respect for Ansel Adams.
These are beautiful Kiera, and I am so glad you're starting to get a renewed energy!
Very nice. Landscapes are very hard but hey practice makes perfect eh? Have you by chance been able to put together a gallery of pictures of me and Mike? I want to send some with him and he has less than two weeks left.
These are stellar! Like, I wanna see them big in a gallery. Awesome.

While we were driving in Kansas, I was swept away in how you could just see forever. There were clouds in the sky that captured the color.....I thought of you. I actually considered pulling out my camera, but I knew they would be all weird. had some haunting pics there.
I wouls love to see you next time you are in Boise! My sister Carrie was here for thanksgiving and taking simalar pictures!!
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