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Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Last weekend my friend and fellow photographer, Ashley Thalman and I, went to an amazingly cool abandoned house, and wandered into a cluttered and spooky attic for some picture taking fun. Among the relics and remains of the past, I found a makeshift light reflector and we put it to good use in this interesting space.

You probably can't tell but Ashley is weeks away from giving birth to her first child. I'm beyond excited for her!

After our photo shoot, we went to lunch at a snazzy new restaurant called Spark and ate amazing gourmet food and discussed all things photo. The ambiance was so sheik so I snapped some pictures in there too. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. I cant wait to do it again!!

To see her shots of me, click here.

She is gorgeous!! You seem to have captured a fun, free-spirited, slighty mischeivious personality. And that restaurant looks like a really fun place.
wow, I love the restaurant shots!! I want to go there now.
And no, she doesn't look pregnant at all.

I have to recommend to you-whether you like sci fi or not- you've got to watch the Dr. Who episode, "Blink". It starts with a girl exploring an old house, and its kind of intense. Your post reminded me of it. You might like it.
I think its season 3, episode 10 maybe? (or series three, if you're looking it up on You Tube.) or you could ignore me.
fun pics! My bro is doing his wedding ceremony at Spark in a couple weeks. I have to figure out how to take photos inside, its not very well lit, maybe you can give me some tips?
oh i love it love it. they are so beautiful-thank you kiera my sweet!!!!
oh and fyi. the light was flattering and flattening. in the flesh i am very much a few weeks away...
I cannot believe you went into an abandoned house and into the attic. Hah. You are definitely committed!!! They came out great of course.
hey, i'm a friend of the bird. you captured her so well. very cool shoot.
wow she's got the best stomach muscles on the planet *L* I loved the black & white shots - awesome. Hey I just met this blogger named Kristina and looking at her shots reminded me a LOT of yours. It thought you might like to see them too!
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