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Thursday, November 6, 2008


The aMAYzings!

One of my dearest friends, Wonder Woman herself, had a birthday last month and to thank her for her amazing, wonderful friendship I decided to take pictures of her family of superheros. : ) Our plan was to start at the park and make our way to the ice cream parlor. By starting at the park we thought the kids would enjoy running around and playing first and then be rewarded with ice cream at the end. Bad idea!! Spiderman enjoyed the park for about 5 minutes. After that, we couldn't wipe this grumpy face off of him. He kept telling me how much he hated taking pictures! Haha! All he wanted was the ice cream! I decided to play it up by asking him to make the grumpiest face he possibly could. I have to say, he did a pretty good job! Hulk on the other hand was working the camera and I got the feeling he liked the attention he was getting from my lens. What sweet boys!!

When we got to the ice cream place, I was finally able to capture some smiles, and a couple of funny faces from mom and dad. Bonus!

Thank you for your friendship Alyssa! I think you and your family really, truly are amazing!

I love 'em Kiera!! I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much. And the next time we do family pictures, we'll be sure to do ice cream first.
Kiera -- those pictures are AWESOME!!! I love the one of the HULK!!! And the pictures of Alyssa and Levi are way cute too!!!

I've decided after much thought that I want to get into photography -- so in the next few years I'm hoping to take it on and get more "learned" in the art!!! You ladies, (Kristina, Leah, Elisha and You) just make me want to get a better camera for one, and then learn all I can about it.

You do such a great job.
I'll have to get your number from Alyssa and set up an appointment. we are in desprite need of photos.. maybe we could trade =)
Very nice. Even grumpy children are cute. And I love the last pic with the Thank You on the wall. Very appropro for a closing pic to your friend. Happy Weekend Kiera!
I've been waiting for these since you guys mentioned them! Great job! I especially love the one of Isaac pouting. :)
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