Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Three That I Love

On Sunday afternoon we went on a hike up Rock Canyon as a family. I had gone up the day before and was in total amazement at how beautiful it was. Reds, Oranges, Yellows...fall colors are in full display right now and I LOVE it! I took the tripod and we went looking for a great backdrop. It was sooooo easy to find. Everything I see is picturesque these days! Ahhh I love the fall...and these darling kids!!

BW of Isaiah...awesome!
Your children are beautiful...but I didn't need to tell YOU that :)! I guess Isaiah saw Kylee yesterday at school and recognized her from the pictures. She was so flattered that he knew her! Too funny.
those turned out great! The last few times we went out to try and capture leaves, it was too late and my pictures were all blury from the camera trying to compensate...and my kids wiggle too much.
They're gorgeous Kiera!!!!!!!!!!
Ok I gotta ask. Is living at your house like some kind of fairy tale where everyone's alwyas nice o each other and never a harsh word is spoken and every child listens to everything their told and promptly obeys? Because that's what the pics convey *L* SO I was just wondering if you had cornered the market on perfection not only when it comes to photography but also to producing perfect kids...or is it just my imagination?
ooohh there were some typos that I'm last post. I have to correct at least one. my their should have been a they're. Now I feel better *S*
Completely and totally YOUR IMAGINATION Birdie!! Believe me!
top picture, priceless!
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